In Pursuit of Human-Robot Coexistence

In recent years, many different intelligent mobile robots have been developed in research and industrial labs. Though there are significant hardware and software differences between these robots, many of them share common abilities such as planning, reasoning, learning, vision, and natural language processing.

The main goal of Scavenger Hunt is to provide a standardized set of tasks for evaluating the capabilities of intelligent mobile robots. The tasks focus on environments in which the robots coexist and interact with humans, such as public buildings with lengthy periods of operation.

Please check out our paper: Harel Yedidsion, Jennifer Suriadinata, Zifan Xu, Stefan Debruyn, and Peter Stone. "A Scavenger Hunt for Service Robots" International Conference on Robotics and Autonmation (ICRA). 2021

Here is a video demo of the Scavenger Hunt system.